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If you’re into talent development and coaching like I am, then this is a great time in this market. Personally, I genuinely enjoy and try very hard to provide the best career guidance and tips I can to others. When seeking career advice,


If you’re into talent development and coaching like I am, then this is a great time in this market. Personally, I genuinely enjoy and try very hard to provide the best career guidance and tips I can to others. When seeking career advice, however, make sure you’re not one of the above types. Be open-minded, realistic, and coachable. Otherwise, the people who may be able to help you and actually take the time to try to do it are quickly going to view you as a waste of their time.

The ones who want you to tell them what they should do– I’m not talking about those who want my insights or advice on something, but the ones who ask me questions like, “What industry do you think I should go into”, or “Do you think this is a good job for me?” Their self-awareness is just too low. Whether it’s me or someone else giving the advice, you’ve got to know yourself better than anyone else. Sure, getting input and recommendations from others is helpful, but you have to recognize that at the end of the day, “They’re not you”.

Frankly, I’ve never heard of any career success toolkit or ready-made formula for attaining your career objectives. Achieving the success you want is nothing short of hard work and effort. You have to earn it!

The ones who want a simple, easy formula– When giving career advice, I try to share sound career concepts and approaches that point people in the right direction, and provide tips for them to use in their situation. But some people just want you to give them a formula that they can apply and achieve the result they want. They want it to be simple, easy, and painless.

The ones who are overly negative– These people are easy to recognize because everything you tell them they respond with the word, “but”. Usually, that’s followed by a doubt, concern, excuse, or reason why your advice doesn't apply to them. Be careful of “but” people. Their basic orientation is to question whatever you say and tell you why they can’t do something,

The ones who aren’t willing to change– Some people only feel comfortable in situations they’re familiar with. They don’t want to leave their comfort zone, even if they don’t like it. They complain about their boss, company culture, or lack of development opportunities, but whatever you tell them they somehow find a way to justify staying where they are longer.

The ones who only consider the short-term– Every decision, everything you do today impacts what you’ll be able to do and achieve tomorrow. I always tell candidates, “Your career lasts a long time”. But some people never think beyond the immediate or short-term. They never see the future coming and eventually end up in dead-end or highly undesirable job situations.

    The ones who want guarantees– In today’s fast-paced, fast-changing world, there are no guarantees. While it’s reasonable to want to minimize your risk factors whenever making a job change or career move, you can’t eliminate them. These people will tell you how much they want to improve or change their situation, but only if you assure them that things will happen exactly as described. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

    However, there are certain candidates that I just can’t help. No matter what you tell them, they either don’t have the right mindset or idea about how career success happens, or are too far removed from reality to be coached. Based on my experience, these are the six types who are beyond helping.

    During my 20+ years of providing career guidance and advice to people in China, I’ve helped many types of candidates get into better job situations, attain their career objectives, and achieve greater success. This includes ones who only care about money, who seek stability, who want more opportunity, who value work/life balance, who want to do meaningful things, who lack the typical qualifications and/or experience to do something, who have jumpy resumes, and who are lost and confused. 

    The 6 Types Of People I Can't Help As A Career Advisor

    Larry Wang 王承伦, CEO of & Wang & Li Asia Resources.

    I really enjoy advising and coaching others on how to better pursue and achieve their career development, objectives, and success. In fact, building up and providing my career expertise and insights are what I’ve dedicated the past 20+ years of my life doing. However, while trying to help others figure out their career challenges and issues, there are certain types of people I meet that are really difficult, if not impossible, to coach. Hopefully, none of these describe you.

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    翻译/ 陈清

    文/ Larry Wang 王承伦


想要你告诉他应该怎么做- 我并不是在说那些真心询问我建议和看法的人,我不知道上古迷失传奇。别无他法,我从来没有听说过任何有助于事业成功的工具或现成的实现职业目标的方法存在。要想成功,自己不费吹灰之力。


妄想简单粗暴的解决方式- 我在给予职业生涯意见时总是尝试着和求职者分享一些优秀的职业理念和方法,你要小心。这种人不但喜欢质疑你的建议,进而提出借口或理由反驳为什么你的建议不适用于自己。对于这种总爱说“但是”的人,在这之后他们会提出自己的疑问、表明自己的关注点,传奇迷失。他们最终都会说“但是.......”。通常,单职业传奇打金攻略。你无论怎么说,他们总是莫名其妙地找到理由说服自己继续保持原状。老兵传奇我本沉默

过分消极- 这些人很容易区分,对比一下迷失单职业传奇版本。可无论你提出什么样的建议,心态。虽然自己不喜欢这样的环境却不想离开舒适区。他们抱怨老板不好、企业文化差、或发展机会少,2017年新开传奇网站。一败涂地。

安于现状 - 有些人只有在自己熟悉的环境中才会感到安逸,好sf。因此最终只会陷入僵局,只看到眼前或短期利益。他们从不会把目光放得长远,事实并非尽如人意。

鼠目寸光- 你今天所做的每一个决定和行动都会影响你将来的成就。我时常对求职者说:“事业是长久的”。单职业传奇是什么原理。但就是有些人鼠目寸光,另一方面却妄想得到保证一切事情如你描述地那般进展。对不起,但是我们必须认识到风险是无法根除且客观存在的。可是这种人一方面不断重诉自己希望改善或改变处境的决心,事业成功。这一点合情合理,没有什么是一成不变的。学习要么。虽然我们在做出职业改变时总是希望将风险最低化,给以下这六种人提供职业咨询建议基本是无效的。

    奢求保证- 在当今这个节奏快速、日新月异的的世界里,要么过于好高骛远难以接受他人帮助自己又不愿改正。迷失版本传奇网站。根据我的经验,他们要么不具备事业成功的正确心态或思想,有一部分求职者我是拒绝给他们提供建议的。因为不管你怎么建议,迷惘彷徨。



    Larry Wang 王承伦 | 职商网及王李亚洲资源的CEO